January :    Torrential rains washed away bridges and roads and caused damage to houses.  In the weeks following the flooding there was some rain and people were confident enough to plant their maize crops.   These crops grew and folk were encouraged.

March  :  Hopes were high that good soaking rains were to follow but sadly no more rain fell and the crops are drying out and the maize is just not forming cobs at all.   This means severe hunger later in the year when present stocks run out.  

April :  The Latrine Project 

This Project is complete apart from the installation of the SIM tanks (still in storage) and the water supply for hand washing.   The disabled cubicles have been modified to comply with the plans supplied by the Charitable Trust which supplied the funding for this project and everyone is pleased with the outcome.



WATER:    The worrying shortage of water has prompted thoughts of installing a borehole and hand pump at the school. This has been investigated and a quotation for the work has been received. I have submitted an application to a Charitable Trust for funding and am awaiting approval.