Current Projects


School Lunches : The Lunch Program is struggling –  see report in Lunch Program)  The second water tank is built and the guttering system installed (see Rainwater Collection).  Due to the failure of the borehole water supply the vegetable garden failed again this year.  High costs of receiving borehole water mean another tank will be the most cost effective.  Fundraising is ongoing to provide this.

Mosquito Nets : The provision of mosquito nets is of prime concern.  We can order bundles of nets in Dar-es-Salaam at a cost of £3.50 per net so if you would like to contribute please go to “donate” page and let me know your donation is specifically for the net fund.   

Domestic Science : Following a report from a friend who visited Kongwa in December 2012 and viewed the sewing machines which the older children use and also those in storage,  I contacted WorkAid experts who feel that trying to repair these machines is fraught with difficulty given that only one of them is of European design. Unfortunately, WorkAid now only assist mature students looking for work.  I shall have to seek out a sewing machine repair person (for the European designed machines) on my next visit.

Tools for the Technical Department : A list of tools and implements required for the Technical Department at the school was prepared for me by the department teacher.  However, it has been noted that many of the existing tools in the department are not in use because they needed sharpening or re-assembling.

Supporting the Kindergarten : Following talks I gave at Maidenhead Nursery School in England  they have begun a fundraising project to support the Kindergarten children at Mnyakongo.  They will hold two fundraising events per year at the school.  The cheques they submitted last year (the last one for the sale of gingerbread men made by the children) went towards the purchase of books for the kindergarten children and also a contribution to the new water tank.


Future considerations

Fence :   A quote has been received for the provision of a fence around the school to keep the local cattle and goats from wandering through the school grounds and the vegetable garden.  The quote is way out of our reach at the moment and following further investigations at the school in October 2013 we are considering purchasing the materials required to fence the vegetable garden.  We are considering installing it ourselves with the assistance of local workers and school staff.  A secure fenced paddock is also required for the goat herd.

Baking Aids and Implements for Domestic Science Department  : To add to the supplies taken in June 2011  for domestic science classes as per the list provided.

Oil Press : I propose to look into the provision of an oil press for sunflower seeds or maize.  This would enable the school to produce oil on a small scale to use themselves and sell locally and would provide funds for the further needs of the school.

The Container : The metal container which brought 6000 books by sea from San Diego to Dar-es-Salaam in 2010 had to be sold to defray port duties.  It was originally intended that the container be transported to the school and used as a secure storage facility.  The teachers were bitterly disappointed when told of its sale but understood the reasons.  The following could be considered in the future – funds permitting:

  • Possibly buy a container .
  • There is already an ideal position in the school grounds for the container in the form of old concrete foundations.
  • The height of the foundations is such that it could be hauled off the back of a truck and placed directly on the concrete platform.  This would alleviate the requirement of a specialised truck with crane.
  • The benefit of a secure storage facility at the school would be immense.