January:    Before this new year began we set the wheels in motion to make sure the children have a lunch at school every day when the new term begins on 6th January.  The lack of maize due to the continuing drought means that everyone in Kongwa is now reduced to one meal a day.

A good friend and adviser in Kongwa was able to locate the best maize price in the area and he made several journeys to fetch the maize, beans and oil and make the deliveries to the school.  

1 sack of maize (6 x 20L) provides approx 10 meals for 45 children. The cost of a sack is £43 (120,000 Tanzania Shillingi).  There are 560 children at the school and they will all have a school lunch every day until the end of February . . . thanks to all who have contributed to make this possible.