A short visit to the school was necessary to discuss several ideas for the next stage of the Project.

The early rains had made a big difference to the trees we have planted in the school grounds.

DSCN3741 Trees 3 Trees

WATER:   The shortage of water in the area continues. With rains only coming twice a year the need for rainwater collection is imperative to provide drinking water for the 578 children on a daily basis throughout the year.

We are therefore looking into an alternative source of water – either building an underground water tank at the school, which would be of great benefit as it could be a much larger tank than the present three above-ground ones and hold much more water, or possibly drilling a borehole.

FACILITIES: There is the possibility of an upgrade to the latrine facilities for the children and staff at the school. Any improvements to these would be most welcome. Drawings have been submitted and discussions are ongoing.

KINDERGARTEN: The building was found to be in need of repair with many windows broken and a large hole in the roof. A contract was set up with Mika, the local tank builder and fixer of almost everything and he started work as soon as he had picked up supplies in Dodoma.

DSCN3722 DSCN3707 DSCN3709

KITCHEN:   It was decided that the idea of the kitchen conversion in the small storeroom in the Kindergarten should be abandoned as this would be a hazard to the very small children attending there. A combination of fire, boiling water, hot food and the heat in such close proximity was too dangerous.

Another site has been suggested near to the main school where there is a dilapidated building which could be properly renovated.  This would be a better option and a quote for the works is being obtained.


SCHOOL TRIP:   The school trip to Mikumi Game Reserve this year took place in early September.  The children settled down well after all the excitement and continued their studying for the final exams due to take place at the end of September. The 90 children in the final year at the school this year meant another bus was required this year.

TOUR TO KONGWA : mid September

As our small group approached the Kongwa area we noticed how terribly dry the scenery was becoming. Once we left the main road and drove the 18km to the school we were shocked by the effect the drought is having on the land there. The lack of water is of great concern.

26-kongwa img_3931

On arrival in Kongwa we made our customary visit to the District Commissioner’s office and were delighted to meet the new DC,  Mr. Deo Ndejembe, recently appointed by President Magafuli. He was very interested in our Project and we have his full support for the work we do at the school.



The children were waiting to greet us when we arrived at the school and eager to ask questions.



On our last day, before we went to the school, we took footballs we had carried with us from UK to a small shop in the high street to have them pumped up.

35-high-street   36


A great celebration (Ngoma) was held at the school that afternoon. The drummers from the village put on a special show and speeches were made. We presented mosquito nets, books, chalk and educational supplies, footballs and tennis balls.

img_3952 dsc_2660 img_3955  




LATRINE PROJECT : Kitchen Table Charitable Trust

In early September, following many months of discussions, the Project received a Grant from Kitchen Table Charitable Trust. This Grant is for the building of 15 latrines at the school, some with disabled access. Things moved very fast and on the day we left we saw trucks arriving with the concrete blocks and the foundations were being dug.

39-latrine-project 42


OTHER NEWS from Kongwa

Beautiful knitted baby clothes and blankets, donated by a group of ladies in Cornwall, were taken to two very poor villages where the elder of each village distributed them to the families most in need.

dsc_2599 dsc_2723


We walked up the hill to the Church I used to attend when I was at school there. A very beautiful view in both directions.

24-view-left-from-church 25-view-across-kongwa


On the tour this time . . . . . . .

Bunny                      Margaret              Peter                  Sigurd             Liz               Barbara

bunny margaret peter jim liz babla

. .   and our drivers, Arnold and Abuu

arnold abuu



End of September :   I received news that all is going very well.  These photos show the progress made in the two weeks since we left the school.

 foundation-exlavation-mnyakongo-prs-kongwa-tanzania foundation-walling-mnyakongo-prs-kongwa-tanzania


Mid October :  Work has reached the ring beam stage and the buildings are beginning to take shape .







Mid November:    More photos from the school show the work done in the past month.  The urge to get the roofs on before the rains has spurred them on.

24-november-2 24-november 24-november-4



End of November:  Almost done!  Building work on schedule.  Painting, installation of the small water tanks for hand washing and all finishing touches to be completed before school re-opens after the Christmas holidays. . . . rains permitting!

   nov-29 nov-29th-6 nov-29th-5



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