February :    Thankfully, the year began well with reports of good rains in the area breaking the drought at last.  The crops were plentiful and we haven’t had to supply maize at all.  

June:  Work on the Kindergarten last year had to be delayed because our builder man had a terrible accident.  Thankfully, he has now fully recovered and has recently completed the replacement of the glass windows with wrought iron.  See how much stronger they are . . . and safer too – broken glass was a big problem.  These are the photos I have received:

August  :  I am pleased to report that the School Trip this year is definitely on!  The National Parks are open and the Government has confirmed that the children will be allowed to visit Mikumi National Park again this year though some rules are still in place due to the Covid-19 virus.  The trip is being arranged for the weekend of 10th September 2021.  There has been no increase in the fees this year so the cost per child remains the same at £50. This covers absolutely everything for the two-day trip including all transport, accommodation, meals and all National Park fees.   The children are very excited.  If you would like to sponsor a child you can do so by clicking this link : Donate 

September :  School Trip to Mikumi  – the trip took place over the weekend of the 11th September and was a huge success.  The 86 children and 4 teachers had a wonderful time and saw a very exciting range of animals this time : lions, monkeys, buffalo, birds, warthogs, giraffe, elephant, hippos and snakes.  

Some pictures of the children – so smart in their uniforms representing their school.

November :  The library is in a terrible state and in need of repair.  We need to keep safe the books we have bought over the years so I have asked our local builder/repair man to fix the windows before the rains come and take care of painting the building.  

December : The idea of providing an “End of Term Lunch” at the School took off at a great pace and the response to my email was amazing! Grateful thanks go to all who responded so swiftly to my cry for help to raise the funds required to provide lunch for the 580 children, 13 teachers and 7 School Committee Members (elders of the villages). You will see from the photos and videos below that the lunch was a huge success and everyone had a wonderful day.

What a wonderful end to the school year . . .

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