In the second week of January, as the new term began, a staff meeting was held at the school regarding the impact the of the drought in the area and I received a plea from the teachers regarding funding for lunches for the children. There has been no rain to grow crops, there is severe hunger and funds are required to save the children in this difficult period.

First day of term!



I sent out an appeal for funds and the people responded.  Thanks to their support I was able to send funding to the school for enough maize to last until March.  With this funding huge sacks of maize were bought and delivered to the school.  The older children helped to move the sacks to a store room.

Some of the mothers come up from the village to do the cooking in enormous pots over hot coals all set up in a part of the school grounds.  Cooking for 722 is quite a task!!  


. . . . . and the children tuck in  . . .


Funding is still needed if we are to continue to provide a daily lunch at school for the pupils.  Obviously, we are hoping that the rains will save the day but at present it doesn’t seem likely.  The rain which fell during the middle of February, although not the drenching rain they usually have at this time of the year, was enough to make the young maize plants look strong (Photo 1). Two weeks later and without a drop of rain, it has taken its toll on the plants in the fields of maize (photos 2 and 3).  They need the annual rains to survive!​

Thanks to the response to a further appeal we were able to purchase a second delivery of maize to provide the lunches.


The school is closing for Easter break from the end of March until 17th April so we have a little time to think about the next step.  If you would like to make a contribution please go the the “Donate” page where it’s easy to use the links which are secure.