• Donations from the group at the Reunion visit enabled us to commission a local carpentry shop to build 60 new desks for the children and 12 teachers’ tables and chairs.
  • Confirmation was received in February 2009 that the contract set up for the supply of 60 desks and 12 tables and chairs had been fulfilled and all items collected by the children at the school.

Desk for 4 children


Signing the agreement at the LVIA office, Kongwa

         Children at their new desks

  • Upon visiting a small room, which was called the library, with few shelves and less than 100 books, Peter Larlham vowed to improve upon this and promised the English teacher that he would send a box of books for their library. This promise gathered momentum and became The Library Project and a book drive was launched at San Diego State University in California.
  • A fundraising scheme was set up and a specific fund raiser account opened to keep track of donations in the hopes of getting an electricity supply to the school.
  • The Head teacher, Mrs. Angelina Munduli asked us to investigate the possibility of “twinning” with an English School.
  • It was proposed that funds should be raised to paint the school and install secure classroom doors and windows.

As visitors to Kongwa it is an important formality to meet with the District Commissioner and town officials before any undertakings at the school.

Meeting with District Commissioner, Mr. Lembris M. Kipuyo, outside his offices in October 2008