Borehole Project : 2019

AUGUST : In late August we received confirmation that our application for funding a borehole had been approved by Kitchen Table Charities Trust. Without this Trust the Borehole Project would have taken well over a year longer to even begin discussing. With this boost the wheels were set in motion immediately and discussions with the Borehole Engineer and the School Headmaster followed.

SEPTEMBER : By September the discussions were completed and during the week beginning 23rd September work began on the borehole. The land was surveyed and a site chosen for the drilling and on Wednesday 25th the mobilisation of equipment began with the heavy machinery arriving at the school. On the Thursday the drilling rig was set up at the school.

On Saturday, 28th September, early afternoon, they reached water!

Reaching the water so quickly was very exciting and completing the installation of the tanks, pipes and pipework to the latrines began immediately. A date was set for completion of the borehole and the engineer and his men worked hard to get everything done in time.

October: On Saturday, 12th October, a grand Opening Ceremony was held at the school and attended by Teachers, Education Department officials, Elders of the village, the school children, the village drummers and villagers from nearby. I was there to represent the Project . . accompanied by my granddaughter who I appointed as photographer.

The photos below show the site of the borehole, the 10,000 litre tank, the moment the first water came out of the small tank and the borehole engineer, Mr. Wilson Mgombela, testing the water.

The celebrations continued well into the afternoon with speeches, presentation of a beautiful certificate and followed by dancing and drumming.

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The truly amazing result is that this borehole is gushing water at 6,000 litres per hour. . . . way beyond our wildest dreams. It is enough, not only for the 560 school children and their teachers but for the many villagers who live around the school.  A life-changing event!