Wonderful memories old and new  . . . . . . . . .     (double click images to enlarge)

Firstly, a classroom block in the 1950s and the school buildings as we found them in 2008.

A baobab root over a donga in the 50s  is still there after 60 years.
Kongwa in 1948.  Facing south from ‘Number 2 Unit,’ the low, dark hill left is Kongwa Hill. The low hill foreground to the right almost lost against the larger hill behind is ‘Church Hill’. The large hill behind at right is ‘Leopard Hill.’ The pointed tip in the distance is the tallest in the region at about 2000 feet and known to us as ‘Children’s Mount.’ It is part of the Kiboriani range. The Groundnut Scheme’s Kongwa encampment, eventually to become the school, was set the length of the base of Kongwa Hill and stretched to the base of Church Hill.

Teachers in Kongwa 1955

Peter and me with teachers 2010

Some of the teachers at Mnyakongo Primary School in 2008. Head Teacher centre front

Those of you who have been to Kongwa you will recognise these views, others will get an idea of how remote and dry the area is and how little has changed in 60 years.


At Kongwa Railway Station 1950s

Kongwa Railway Station – still standing in 2010

The front of our train 1950

Only the foundations of the girls’ mess were found in 2008.  Our old duka is now a church.

Girls’ Mess

Senior Classroom Block 1950s with cinema screen

Duka (shop) 1950s

Schoolboys then . . . . .                                       . . . . .  and now



This is what this website is all about . . .  smiling faces . . . . .

My welcome!

Kongwa Officials at the celebration

I leave you with this view – a favourite of mine.  If you have photos you would like to see in the gallery please get in touch with me.

Barbara Laing

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