Some of you will find memories here, others will get a glimpse of life in Kongwa in the 1950’s.

            Club Pool from the high dive (with teachers)                                     Swimming pool 2010


Paddling Pool (top right of photo above                 Remains of Kongwa Club

What’s left of the Gym Front steps of Gym

Foundations of the gym



Old main road past the generator

Dodoma Hotel 2008

Off to school on the Kongwa bus

                                Ambulance !

Kongwa Team 1958

News report on the game

Some photos received from Andries Lugt :

      Archery with Shuttleworth 1952

Neville Hoy background boys Phase 2 Livingstone

                    Dries Lugt 1955

                   Aurelio Balletto 1955

Dries Lugt high jump with Ma Scadding, Mr.Moore and Walter Fantino

                           Ton and June

June Bergner and Jacky Walker dressed up for a play