Lunch Program


The Lunch Program was set in motion with the purchase of a herd of milk goats whose milk is to be used, with maize porridge, as a source of nourishment at lunchtime for those children who currently have nothing to eat all day.

We hadn’t given a thought to housing for the goats!  A mansion was proposed but we soon negotiated for a good strong hut which didn’t completely break the bank!

We had hoped to photograph each individual  goat to show those who had funded them BUT  . . . . . .

Catch me if you can .. .. ..

Goats were also purchased for the children of Songambele village on the outskirts of Kongwa where the little school there has taken on responsibility for their care and daily milking.

June 2012

One of the projects for the 2012 tour was to find a site for the vegetable garden.  It was decided that the open space at the end of the school buildings would be the most suitable and the SDSU students worked hard clearing the ground and planting vegetables which will eventually provide lunches for the children every day.

Please go to “Rainwater Collection” to see the plan for watering the vegetables.

March 2013

I have received word that,  thanks to the School Committee who recently provided 20 bags of maize, 2 bags of beans and 2 bags of sunflower seeds,  lunches are provided for the children on every weekday now.

October 2013

Sadly, the vegetable garden failed this year due to the terrible water shortage.  To sustain the vegetables next year it was decided to commission another rainwater collection tank and the local tank builder is working hard to have it completed in time for the rains in December.   

February 2014

We’ve heard that the tank is completed and good rains have come to the area.  Click on this link to see more details and photos Rainwater Collection.

October 2014

In order to further develop the lunch programme and sustain the vegetable garden a reliable water source is imperative.  The issue with the borehole supply this year meant there was just not enough water in the rainwater tanks to provide drinking water for the children and sustain the vegetable garden.   With costs of the borehole water being so high the provision of another water tank was discussed and fundraising is underway to provide this.  We have to do all we can to sustain the Lunch Program.   

See  Rainwater Collection